Please find our code of conduct here.

Extracts from Code of Conduct.

5.     Responsibilities of the parents to the Code of Conduct

The ultimate responsibility for learners’ behaviour rests with their parents or guardians.

5.1     It is expected that parents will support the school, require learners to observe all school rules and regulations, and accept responsibility for any misbehaviour on their part. Parents should take an active interest in their children’s schoolwork and make it possible for the children to complete assigned homework.

5.2     Transgressions committed against the Code of Conduct – Parent/ Guardians and /or the legal authorities may be immediately called to school for the relevant matter.


  • We strive to create an atmosphere where pupils who are being bullied, or others who know about it, feel that they will be listened to and that any action taken will be sensitive and appropriate.
  • We encourage and support a “telling culture”: TELL, LISTEN, ACT
  • We ensure that opportunities are provided through the curriculum to help pupils to develop strategies to combat bullying-type behaviour.
  • It is important that all pupils know the difference between bullying and simply “falling out”.
    Please remember that the school can only act if they are informed of the situation.

    What to do if you are being bullied

    • Talk to someone you trust e.g. a parent/guardian, your Teacher, a school captain.
    • If you need to, ask a friend to come with you to talk to a teacher or school captain.
    • Always do something – the longer it is allowed to go on the more upset you might become. Remember, other people could be hurt if the bullies are not stopped.

    What you should not do

    • Do not suffer in silence – you should always ask for help.
    • Do not retaliate and hit the bully. Physical violence is never the answer.
    • Always be truthful – do not exaggerate.

    What to do if you know someone else is being bullied

    • Do not be a passive bystander.
    • Speak to them and ask if they are alright.
    • Encourage them to tell someone.
    • If they do not want to confide in an adult share your concerns with a teacher or school captain.
    • Support the person but do not become involved in retaliatory action yourself.

    Peer Mentoring

    All school captains are made aware of the research into bullying conducted within the school and are alerted to possible indicators of bullying. They are encouraged to report any matter of concern to the Class Teacher or the Principal.